Intermediate Programs

From Scramble to Climb

Here, we expect that you already have a fitness foundation. Maybe you are a regular in the gym, can complete a 10k run, or can hike the local peak. You are in decent health but you are looking for more.

So take a moment and think – why are you training? Seriously — what is your goal? Is it a number… of pounds, a time to beat, a distance? Is it some sort of feeling or state of mind you are after?

Perhaps more importantly, why does that goal matter to you? And why stop there?

To discover what lies beyond those self-perceived limitations that we all set for ourselves, WillTrek offers you a challenge. A real challenge – like crossing the Grand Canyon and back (rim to rim to rim), hiking Half Dome in Yosemite National park, climbing Mount Whitney or running a half marathon. Again, this is about training for something that may challenge your abilities, both physically and mentally.

The focus of the training, whether it be cardio, endurance, strength or mental toughness will reflect the particular challenge. We will fine tune the machine to go further, longer, higher and to achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. Conscientious preparation, safety and keeping a positive mental attitude will be key.

Let WillTrek help you search for and push through your personal boundaries. Find out what you can really do. With some steady nudging and direction, you may find that you are closer than you thought to something great!