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Training with WillTrek is training with a purpose. The goal of our training is to further the enjoyment of nature and outdoor adventures by giving people of all levels of fitness and skill the experience and knowledge they need to go further, longer, higher, faster safer.

Training regimens take place both in the gym and outside, typically in small groups or individually, and include monthly training hikes.

Nature Walk in Yosemite

Beginner Programs

From Ramble to Scramble Our goal is simple, helping you achieve yours. In life, we sometimes go through periods of time where we must grapple with the immediate and familiar routines of family, finances, education, employment, and transitions etc. Our health, both physical and mental, become a secondary concern.  Although, we all have a remembrance […]
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Mt. Baldy Summit

Intermediate Programs

From Scramble to Climb Here, we expect that you already have a fitness foundation. Maybe you are a regular in the gym, can complete a 10k run, or can hike the local peak. You are in decent health but you are looking for more. So take a moment and think – why are you training? Seriously — what […]
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Advanced Programs

From Climb to Conquer This program is designed for those mountaineers who have the fitness, technical ability, mental toughness and experience necessary to go where or go when others dare not. — This page is currently being updated! Thanks for your patience. —
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Custom Programs

Are you are planning an expedition? Did you just book an adventure vacation? Allow WillTrek to help you make the most of your upcoming experience. Likewise, if you are looking to field test some gear or simiply learn some camping/mountaineering/survival techniques, WillTrek is capable of more than just fitness programs! And Yes, that is a photo […]
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